The President of Machine Technology, Chris Nelson, has nearly two decades of experience in manufacturing and technology. After 25 years of successfully providing IT services to small business owners throughout South Florida, Chris realized that he missed the creation process that he had during his career in at Motorola. That’s when he decided to open Machine Technology.

Why bring this up?

Because Chris understands what it takes to turn around an idea on paper into a working part. He is an expert at using the right technology to make for a quick turnaround while maintaining high quality. He has experience working on highly sensitive equipment including jet engines and even guitars.

Machine Technology lives to manufacture useful things and we’re especially passionate about things that move and mechanical parts. We’re more than a machine shop. We take your ideas off the paper and breathe life into them.

Because we take the step to render your design in a 3D drawing with CAD, you get to see your parts from all angles before we cut into a single inch of material on our CNC machines. Many times this step saves time and money by identifying potential problems early on.